Q: Do I need to be in good shape before I start CrossFit?
A: NO WAY!  We are here to get you in good shape.  The coaches are there to help you reach your fullest potential and make you as fit as possible. Everybody starts at different levels in their athletic and fitness journey.  All workouts are designed with modifications in mind for all fitness levels.   We will explain why we are modifying the workout and how it is going to make you better.

Q: What if I can’t do pushups, pullups and other difficult exercises?
A: Want to know a secret?  Everyone will be doing a version of a pullup!  We have many ways to modify exercises so that you can perform the movement safely and easily regardless of your current level of upper body strength.  There is a long list of athletes that did not have the ability to do a single pullup and now they can without assistance!

Q: What is CrossFit?
A: CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.  What does that mean?  We prepare you to be fit enough to do just about anything by making you an extremely well rounded athlete.  An additional benefit is that our performance coaches are here to take the responsibility off of your shoulders.  We design your workout and show you how to do each exercise so you can participate in a new and fun workout everyday in the safest possible environment and with people just like you!

Q: I recently suffered an injury, can I still train?
A: Absolutely!  The worst thing you can do when you get hurt is neglect the rest of your body.  Shoulder injury?  You still have a good arm, your core/torso, 2 legs, and a heart that would love stay strong why you rehab your bum limb.  Always ask your doctor to explain the exercises/activities that you CAN do, and not simply the things that you can’t!  We can always find a way to help you make progress and look great without causing pain to your injury, and more importantly do our best to make it better in the process.  We don’t claim to be physical therapists, but we do know some great ones to which we can refer you if necessary.  Always good to have a network!

Q: Do women do CrossFit?
A: You bet they do!  Approximately 45% of our members are female.
"I can remember seeing CrossFit for the first time watching a competition that Berek was in and I
remember saying to my husband “I would never ever be able to do something like that”. Wrong.
Berek, Krista and the rest of the CrossFit community proved me wrong." - Theresa Dant

Q: How important is nutrition
A: Very.  Depending on your goals nutrition is going to change.

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