Equity Sports Performance


Saturday @ 9:00 AM


10 to 18 years old

Pricing (First Class FREE)

1 Class for 35$ a month
2 Classes for 60$ a month
3 Classes for 70$ a month
$100 for a 10 pass punch card


Matt White
Colby Zeger
Berek Bryan

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More Than a Workout

Building strength, speed, agility, and conditioning will help on the field but that new confidence will also manifest off the field.  We don't just focus on the physical, the mental side of equation is just as important. Doing the right thing and facing adversity with happen on the field and in life.  How we face that adversity is how we are as a person.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a major focus in our training.  ACL injuries are a major concern for youth athletes and are to common.  By knowing and testing for the possible signs of ACL injury we are able to train proper movement patterns and recruitment to help reduce the risk of injury.  If you are interested about the statistics of ACL injuries in youth sports check out Dr. Timothy Hewett.


Having the ability to express power, speed, agility, and explosiveness is essential to success in sport.  Our goal is to build athletes that can fully express their true potential on the field of play.

Strength Movements

  • Squat

  • Deadlift

  • Shoulder Press

  • Bench Press

  • Power Clean

  • Single Leg Work

Speed and Agility

  • Proper Running and Sprinting Mechanics

  • Cone and Ladder Drills

  • Plyometrics


  • Sled Work

  • Monostructural Work (Running, Sprinting, Rowing, Jumping, etc)

  • Metabolic Conditioning