Equity Corporate Health and Wellness

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Health and Fitness Seminar

This is a one time seminar where were talk about the nutrition and exercise.

This would be a free 45 minute seminar with 15 minutes for Q and A. More in depth seminars are available at cost.


30 Day Challenge

The 30 day challenge would start with a brief seminar and would be similar to our nutrition challenges but not as involved. 


Health and Wellness Days

We have a table setup with our services and help show how we can help your employees improve their health.


Team Building

This is setup where we do some CrossFit style workouts and other physical task that people enjoy doing (tire flips, ropes, etc). When people do things together that are hard they bond over it. They now have something in common and to talk about besides work.

This can be done at the gym or at an outside location.


Private Sessions

Private group sessions for your team. Basically this would be similar to our group classes.