What does Muscle, Power, Squat, Hang Mean?

There are a lot of variations on the olympic lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk. The ones that are seen the most are muscle, power, squat, and hang.

Muscle Snatch / Clean
The muscle snatch/clean is where the object is taken from the floor to the finishing position with out re-bending under the object. This movement is great for building bar speed and bar path awareness.

Power Snatch / Clean
The power snatch/clean has a re-bending of the knee where the object is caught in the finishing position and the hip crease is above the top of the knee. This version of the lift is to build explosive power.

Squat Snatch / Clean
The squat snatch/clean is similar to the power version however instead of catching above parallel it is caught below parallel. The squat allows us to maximize are max weight when the technique is solid and also helps build explosive strength and power.

Hang Snatch / Clean
The hang snatch/clean is where the object is lifted from the ground to the top of a deadlift then lowered to a hang position. The hang is used to help build positional strength and awareness as well as power and speed in the second pull of the lifts.

Below is a short video showing the differences between all the different versions.


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