Bust Through That Plateau (5 Areas of Focus)

Focus on what you can control. You cannot control the weather but you can control your response to it. Control what you can control and let everything else roll off you. By putting all your energy into the bottom five areas it will lead to a less stressed and more fulfilling life.

Here is our 5 Point Proven Process

  1. Nutrition
    Eat real whole food. Mostly plants. Not too much. Limit processed food including flour and sugar.

  2. Active
    Workout 3 to 6 days a week. Including CrossFit, personal training, hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, softball, etc.

  3. Sleep and Recover
    Sleep 7-9 hours and work on limiting factors. Your body needs sleep. Sleep allows your mind to create new connections which will help you learn and retain information.

  4. Mindset
    Re-enforce a positive and growth mindset. You have the ability to be better at anything. Karate, gardening, parenting, being a physical therapist, your memory, and anything else you could improve on.

  5. Balance
    Enjoy your life. Family, friends, relationships, work, hobbies, gym, etc.

All five of the above areas are not just for the gym and working out. All of these will help in all avenues of your life. If you are stressed at work you being active will help reduce that stress, getting proper sleep with allow your body and mind to recover to be more productive at work, and understanding if you work mindfully at something you can become better at it.

What area are you really good at? What area do you need to improve? Let me know.

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