Teachers' Week Spotlight: Kelli Roy

We would like to spotlight one of our original members for our Teachers Appreciation week, Kelli Roy. She is the P.E. Teacher at Kenmore Elementary school and started teaching in 1988.  We are offering teachers a free week of training from June 17th to 22nd as a thank you for all the hard work they have put in over the past school year. To sign up follow the link below.


I discovered CrossFit through a relative in early January 2013. I finally worked up the courage to come in at the end of the month for my 2 free classes. My first workout was a variation of Fight Gone Bad and I was hooked. I loved the variety and the intensity and the fact that I could get a great workout without having to run 8 miles!  

I also enjoyed the fact that master’s athletes were working out right alongside the younger athletes and that all the work that was programmed could be modified or adapted so everyone could participate in every workout and work to their own ability. Everyone is super supportive and encouraging as well which helps you grind through the tough ones.

I eventually got stronger and through some nutrition challenges kicked some bad habits and acquired some better ones. CrossFit was helping turn me into a healthier athlete which was really important to me as I was approaching 50. I also went and got my Level 1 Certificate and my CrossFit Kids Certificate and coached the youth class at Equity.

July of 2016 I tore my rotator cuff and needed to have surgery if I planned to continue with CF. No doubt I was going to have surgery but I had no idea what I was in for. Long story short, my recovery was long and I was out for 6 months. I started back slowly, learned to listen to my body and worked really hard on mobility and moving correctly. It wasn’t until I came back after my 6 month hiatus that I realized how much I missed it and how much my life was enhanced because of it.  
This year I decided to step up my nutrition which went better than expected. I’ve been a pretty healthy eater (since starting CrossFit) and my weight isn’t really an issue I’ve just never had any visible muscle. It’s amazing what weighing/measuring/tracking your food does for your body. It just takes some dedication and commitment (and Meg helping me with my macros ☺)

As I near the end of my teaching career I love attending the 6am classes as it gets my day off to a great start and keeps me energized for a gym full of kids all day – not to mention all the great people who I look forward to working out with each morning. I enjoy teaching the Legends class on Wednesdays and grateful for the opportunity. Thank you to the great coaches who are patient and inspiring and along with their athletes strive to get better every day. 

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