How to Size Your Jump Rope

In order to start seeing real progress on double unders and other jump rope skills you need to have your own rope that is sized just for you.

Below is a video of coach Berek breaking down how to size your jump rope.

In this Equity Basics video Coach Berek talks about how to size a cable jump rope.

Here are the steps described in the video

  1. Stand on your rope with one foot with one end of the rope at your arm pit and mark the other side of the rope at the same level.

  2. Set and tighten the stopper at the marked spot on the rope.

  3. Test with a few jumps to make sure it feels good. Adjust as needed.

  4. Cut off any excess rope (might want to leave an inch or two just in case).

As your skill with the rope increases you should be able to shorten the rope. A shorter rope will travel faster and allow you to move faster and more efficient throughout workouts.

If you have any specific questions about ropes ask any of our coaches. They are ready for all your questions.

Do you have any questions about jump ropes? Do you have any questions you want to be answered? Let us know.

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