Improve Your Snatch With This Simple Drill

The 'Scarecrow Snatch' is an absolute wonderful drill to help build speed in the turnover. If your turnover in the snatch is slow you are not maximizing your potential in the snatch. 

Slow third pulls (pulling yourself under the bar) can lead to missed lifts and nobody got time for that. Below is a video of Joe Wey and myself breaking down how to execute the 'Scarecrow Snatch'. This movement should start with a PVC, then as you build your technique increase the weight to a training bar, regular barbell, and finally with additional weight; but remember this should not be a movement for max weight. It is used to build technique and skill.

Coach Berek breaks down the scarecrow snatch with the help of Joe Wey. This movements helps with the transition of the snatch.

Note this movement can also been done for the clean, the 'Scarecrow Clean'. It is completed in the same fashion as the video above describes it but using the clean.

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