Equity Coach Corner: Dip Belt Squat

The dip belt squat is a modification of a machine called a belt squat (here is a link to the one Rogue manufactures rhino belt squat). 

The reason we like the dip belt squat is because it builds leg strength while not loading the spine. This makes it a fantastic accessory lift to do with back squats and deadlifts. This squat can also help correct hip imbalances. Here is a video of the creator of the belt squat talking about why it should be used, Louie Simmons talks belt squat.

Equipment Needed: 
Dip Belt
Raised Platform (ex: plyo boxes)
Weight (plates, kettlebells, etc)

Points of Performance:

  • Full range of motion

  • Stance, feet under the shoulders with feet slightly pointing out

  • Flat back with sound lumbar curve throughout the squat

  • Head forward

When preforming the dip belt squat it is meant to be an accessory lift and not the primary. Weight should be kept at a relative light weight with the reps staying relatively high (8+)