The Equity Story


Back in the Spring of 2010, we (Krista and Berek) started doing CrossFit (our version of CrossFit) out of our garage. We had bought a house in the Salisbury, MD area after college and got married in the fall of 2008 in Charlestown, MD. Both of us having grown up and lived in Elkton and attending Bohemia Manor High School, where we first met.

The early days in the garage were a lot of fun and it was where we started to learn the art of coaching. We would coach each other (definitely a challenge at times) along with family and friends on the movements and workouts.

After doing our own thing for a while, in September of 2011 we found a local gym, CrossFit Salisbury. We started following their programming during the week out of our garage and going to their gym on Saturdays for the team workout. In February of 2012 Berek and his brother (Jason) joined CrossFit Salisbury. A few months later in July, Berek and Jason attended the CrossFit Level 1.

CrossFit Equity opened on Labor day of 2012 as a brother venture. Eventually Jason would meet a girl and move to Texas and have beautiful twins. Once Jason moved, Krista who had been coaching for about a year came on as a part owner of Equity with Berek. Our original space was 2,400 square feet and in 2014 we moved to our larger facility 5 times the size our first building,12,000 square feet.

Since moving we have continued to grow and expand. Adding both youth classes and 40+ only classes. The biggest change since starting the gym came in May of 2018 when Krista and I had our daughter Eleanor.

We are a local and family owned business with the goal to help you live your best life. Not matter your goals, we want to help you reach them. Even if those goals are not health and fitness based, but just taking time out of your day to work on becoming a better version of yourself; at Equity we feel you will be more likely to reach those goals.

We can’t wait to meet you.

What is your Equity Story? Let me know.

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