Does your Company have Membership Reimbursement?

With the start of the new year, it is a great time to look into some benefits your insurance or company may offer to help you stay healthy and fit.

Having healthy and happy employees is good for business. Less time out for health issues and higher productivity due to increased happiness, improved confidence, and reduced stress. The right gym and support system can help provide those benefits for employees through working out and social interactions.

Many companies realizing the benefits of an active and fit lifestyle have started reimbursement programs for gym memberships.

We asked a couple of our members that have a reimbursement program at their company to let us know how it works.

Thank you Randy and Gary for your help.


Question 1: What company do you work for?
Randy: Coty
Gary: Northrup Grumman (formerly Orbital ATK)

Question 2: How much will your company reimburse?
Randy: Up to $400
Gary: Up to $400 (based on the number of visits to the gym)

Question 3: What are the requirements?
Randy: Must provide all the invoices for each month, proof of attendance, and fill out a basic form.
Gary: Yearly form, invoices for the month, and attendance history.

Question 4: Does your insurance or the company provide the reimbursement?
Randy: Company
Gary: Company

Ask your HR department if they have a membership reimbursement policy. If they don't send them a list of the benefits or give them our email. We would love to work with companies to help create a healthy, happy, and fit community.

Here is how to get invoices and attendance history via Wodify if your company has a similar program.
Attendance History

  1. Login into Wodify on a computer.

  2. Click "My Profile" in top right

  3. Select "Attendance" in the menu

  4. Select "Date Range"

  5. Export

Invoice History

  1. Login into Wodify on a computer.

  2. Click "My Profile" in top right

  3. Select "Invoices" in the menu

  4. Select "Payment Due" 

  5. Export

Do you have any questions about these types of programs?
Does your company have a similar program?
Let us know

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Berek Bryan