Coaching Staff Updates

We don't constantly move the layout of the gym around for fun or to mess with everyone. We do it to because things change and we are in a constant pursuit of excellence. Good enough is not good enough.

Starting January 28th we will be having a few changes to our coaching staff.

  1. Cole Morris
    Cole will be leaving her position with CCPS and coming on at Equity in a much larger role. She will be coaching seven classes a week and be our primary coach.  She will also be going for her L2 in January. 
    We can not be more excited and proud to have Cole aboard in a more active role.

  2. Megan Mullins
    Megan will be adjusting her role with us and become our head Nutrition Coach and step back from weekly group class coaching. Her goal is to also expand her therapy services with GritRx which she runs out of the second office in the gym.

  3. Joe Morris
    Joe will also be stepping away from coaching weekly group classes and taking on the roles of Facility Manager and Competition Director.

With these changes our goal is to continue to create the best experience for our members that we can. By moving our coaches to areas where they excel we will be able to provide a better service to everyone.

Below is our new coaching schedule

Have any questions about the new changes? Have any ideas on making the gym better? Let me know.

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Berek Bryan