Our Coaches are Here to Help


Our coaches started coaching to help people. Working with everyday people is just as rewarding if not more rewarding than coaching "elite" athletes. We want to help everyone become healthier and fitter to help improve their quality of life.

Some people that have tried group classes and have to frequently modify workouts, need help on movements, and/or ask a lot of questions can feel like a burden to the coach and class. This can not be further from the truth.  As mentioned above helping others reach their health and fitness goals and showing them that they are capable of more than they think they are is why we do this.

The joy of helping someone link muscle ups for the first time is the same as helping someone hit their first 12 inch box jump. Both people are getting outside of their comfort zone and doing something that is very difficult for them. When someone does something that they didn't think they were capable of and/or have been working really hard towards for a long period of time it is very rewarding.

No matter your current fitness level you are NOT A BURDEN. You are the reason we do this. We want to help and enjoy helping.

Change is hard but that makes it worth while. The feeling of accomplishment increases the harder the task. You don't feel accomplishment from something that is easy for you. Accomplishment comes from putting in hard work and effort and seeing the results.

Do you feel like a burden in classes? Let us know why and how can we help reduce that feeling.

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Berek Bryan