10 General Physical Skills

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10 General Physical Skills

CrossFit has three models of fitness and we are going to chat about one of them.  When programming for the class workouts the goal is to be balanced in all of these 10 physical skills.  You are only as fit as versed in the 10 skills.  If you lack in one area than you are not as fit as you could be.

We want to be ready for anything that life can throw at us.  We want to have the capacity to complete any physical task that is put against us.

There are three categories to the 10 skills. Organic, neurological, and both.

Organic Skills - Skills that must be trained.  You must make a physical change to your body.

  • Strength - the body applying force (lift heavy things)
  • Cardiovascular Endurance - ability for the body to deliver oxygen (go the distance)
  • Flexibility - the joints ability to maximize full range of motion (range of motion)
  • Stamina - body's ability to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy (muscle fatigue)
Neurological Skills - Skills that must be practiced.  New neurons must by created and connected.
  • Coordination - combine movement patterns into a singular movement.
  • Agility - minimize transition time from one movement to another.
  • Balance - control placement of the body's center of gravity.
  • Accuracy - ability to control movement in a given direction.
Both - These skills are the combination of both organic and neurological skills.
  • Power - ability for muscles to apply maximum force.
  • Speed - ability to minimize time cycle of a repeated movement.
The model was developed by the company Dynamax that popularized the soft medicine balls that we use for Wall Balls.

When considering how to get fitter think about what skill you are lacking.

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Have any questions about the 10 skills?  Let us know.

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