How to use Chalk in 4 Easy Steps

Spring and Summer are finally upon us and that means a lot of sweaty workouts.  It also means the re-emergence of THE EXCESSIVE CHALK USER.

We use chalk to provide a better grip on fitness equipment barbells, rings, kettlebells, dumbbells, pullup bars, etc.  Excess moisture and sweat can led to slippery services and injuries.  Using chalk properly is as much a safety device as safety bars on a squat rack.

HOWEVER the use of chalk can be abused.

Steps on How to use Chalk Properly

  1. Reach into bucket apply a modest amount of chalk onto one or both hands.

  2. While keeping hands in the bucket vigorously rub the chalk into your hand covering all needed areas.

  3. Remove hands from the bucket.

  4. After workout is finished remove chalk from any piece of equipment used.

Things not to do when using Chalk

  1. Clap your hands

  2. Rub chalk on your hands while not in a bucket

  3. Rub chalk directly onto a piece of equipment

  4. Be a dick.

Final Thought
Chalk belongs in the chalk bucket not all over the gym.

Videos of interest.
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